Photo Courtesy of Zap Records (Kingston, Ontario)

In 1984 Canada was in the midst of the biggest recession since the 1930s depression. Dealing with substantial interest rates that loomed anywhere from 14%-18%, people worked just to keep a roof over their heads. Others walked away from their homes, seeing the ability to own a home unachievable during…

Anders Petersen

In his book The Many Lives of Tom Waits, Patrick Humphries writes that Tom Waits’ voice “sounds like it was hauled through Hades in a dredger.” Waits himself likes the comparison of “Louis Armstrong and Ethel Merman meeting in Hell.” Tom Waits, the poet of the American margins, the “prince…

Fake Name Graphics with photography by M. Peterson.

The idea of functionalism is one that we frequently apply to architecture but rarely do we talk about in music. Functionalism theorizes that the essence of something is in the biological and social needs of the individual. In short, the essence of anything is in its function. When I think…

John Craig’s Art Deco-inspired cover.

Recently I was given the task on social media of listing my 10 most influential albums. I ended my list with Rod Stewart’s Every Picture Tells a Story. I know that when some people see that name they will giggle.

They will no doubt imagine the 80s leather jackets, the…

Todor Tsvetkov / E+ / Getty Images

A Letter from Jenny.

By Tom O’Connor

On the night that Jennifer wrote the letter the snow was starting to break on the roof. A thaw was coming. Winter was almost over.

It had been a very hard letter to write, but after two hours of ripped paper, re-written phrases…

Tom O'Connor

When I find time between teaching high school and raising two kids I like to write. I occasionally get published. That’s nice.

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